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Remaking the Club

As many of you know, the numbers of members who have been active in the club has dwindled down to the bare minimum to where we rarely have enough people to even make decisions and do the stuff required to live up to our commitments. So we have decided to make a few changes.

At this month’s meeting we will bring to order what could be the final decision actually made at the meeting If the vote is to the affirmative. We would like to have our business meeting on the air from now on. We will pick a time and place for the net. This way everyone can participate in the event and we will be able to save our actual meeting time for ham related activities.

When we have a meeting we do whatever comes to mind. Hopefully that will include good food and good times. We will start with a few videos and some pizza 

Region 26 Emergency Management Center

A few weeks ago a few of us went to Taylor Nebraska to meet up with the folks at the region 26 Emergency Management Center. we had a great conversation and got to see how they do thing out in the Nebraska Sandhills. While our EOC is quite busy by Nebraska standards, Region 26 has a huge geographical area to manage.

It was a huge learning experience, and was really neat that we were welcomed with open arms. We were asked for advice on comms, repeaters, and we learned a little about what they had available for us to use if we ever had to go up and help them set up some kind of comms to Grand Island or elsewhere.

Here are a few Photos Of the trip.:


It was a lot of Fun, Thanks to the crew of Region 26!

Meeting Minutes January 2017

Sorry guys it has taken this long to post this stuff, But been busy with a project, like an itch it just couldn’t sit on the back burner. So here is the first minutes of the 2017 year. We had a great and productive meeting.

  • Officers were Elected for the 2017 Year, President: Dan Bergman N0DND, Vice President  Jeremy Smith, Kc0nuk, Treasurer Jay Rasmussen WX9R, And Secretary Still open looking for volunteers.
  • The ARES Emergency Response Plan was voted on and approved by the club.
  • The Bylaws for the Mid Nebraska Amateur radio club, hereafter referred to as MARC voted on and approved.
  • In theory we agreed to see if we could obtain the old City hall building and Dan agreed to write the proposal which Brian agreed to Present to Wood River, to be used as a comm center and training facility.
  •  Jeremy talked about a field trip to the region 26 Emergency management Center
  • It was discussed and agreed that due to an increase in costs, and having to now give a share of our dues to MARC that we would raise our dues to 25.00 A month.
  • We discussed training and ARES, Our first goal would be to get everyone VE tested so we can have plenty of volunteers to train and test new recruits

GIARS ARES Emergency Communications Plan-Draft

We finally have a draft plan of a formal Emergency Communications plan. There are a few things left to tweak like an organizational chart and our working with CERT. But it is a workable draft and so it is at this location for your review.

Grand Island Amateur Radio Society ARES Emergency Communications Plan

Some of the important fact are:

  • Responsibilities of the DEC, EC, and Assistants
  • Training and credentialing requirements
  • Response responsibilities
  • Addition of trained Ready response Teams
  • Repeater and net Use
  • Volunteer acceptance

There will probably be some editing as time goes on and I receive comments. this plan will be submitted to the Emergency Management office on 12/13/2017

This is just a first step, there are many more to go.

The Goal is to have at least one, hopefully more, Ready response teams trained and ready to go by the end of 2017. This isn’t much time to pass, plan and recruit and ultimately train so it will probably require a little more intense participation. In this Spirit, We have recruited Joe Hayes, KB9TBX to coordinate training and credentialing. He is already experience at training, he is a VE, a firearms instructor for the state and who knows what else! He is also very good with comms. We have a few other guys very good at this as well. So we are going to put these guys to work.

Let me know what you think?


One of the major things we need to do to get in line with ICS/NIMS requirements is to develop an SOP. There are a lot of good SOP documents that we can use to write our own. Fortunately we do not have to re-invent the wheel. So, Here is a link to one such Document that we can use.

We will vote on who, what, why, and where. Take some time to look over this, give your input. Do we need a committee to do this? Dan, N0DND is willing to put in the time to write it up in concert with our capabilities and our communities needs.

Club Agenda October 2016

  • What’s Next?
  • New Red Cross management. Rachelle Lipker, the new Director for the Red Cross will be in attendance.
  • Are going to have a December Meeting?
  • Update on Joining the clubs under one flag and 501 (3)((c))
  • How to get topics on the website for discussion.
  • Harvest of Harmony recap! Great Job everyone.
  • Auxcom recap- Applying what we learned to our regular functions and activities.
  • Presentation to Walnut Middle School Science Club Summary
  • SOP, Training, Credentials, CERT Members, minimum Hours a year.
  • A Fun Exercise



I want to welcome everyone to the GIARS Meeting Thursday October 19th at 7:30pm at the red Cross Building, the usual spot. Hope to see you all there.

Harvest Of Harmony 2016

Another successful Harvest of Harmony Parade. Thanks to those who participated. It was fun as it always is to get together with the guys and practice our hobby. For those that don’t know, the Parade is an opportunity for us to help the city with crowd control, help with staging, and the passing of information to those that need it. From my own station, or assignment, I get to spend a little time with our cities finest, and time chatting with our cities emergency operations manager.

Also, the bands were great to listen too and the work many put into is quite visible, and the weather this year was spectacular.        

And it was another great time to share our hobby and friendships with family


Ed, KG0OO, was the organizer and responsible for our opportunity to be able to help with this event. A lot of thanks to Ed for giving us this opportunity.

September 2016 Minutes

  • Talked about the state fair and how well we performed
  • Ed talked about Harvest of Harmony volunteers, meeting time and assignments
  • Discussed Auxcom training
  • Discussed joe’s, KB9TBX, off to give the club members and their spouses free concealed carry training.
    • As busy as season is it is thought to be better scheduled in the Spring
    • Will talk to Joe about this.
  • Shortened Business Meetings
    • It has been determined that most of the club bussiness will be carried out on the website.
    • Only short discussion n business and voting during meeting
    • Discussions and new agenda items will be posted.
    • Discussions open to all
    • Remainder of meeting will be open for open discussions, activities, and if desired food, coffee. 

The 2016 Fair Update- Thanks Everyone

I would like to thank all the volunteers who donated time and effort to making this years operation at the 2016 Nebraska State Fair a success. We were noticed by management and our presence was appreciated. Speaking just for myself we had a great time. It was good to see members bring their family out and it was good to see some young people participating in the things we do to help out. Hope it leads to a few more licensed Hams. I, for one, hope to volunteer a little more time next year and encourage everyone else to do the same. Maybe next year if there are enough volunteers we could plan some club activities and even some training into the activities related to the fair.

I would also like to thank the out of town Hams who showed up to help out (Jan). As you can see it was fun and there was a little clowning around going on.

I do not have the volunteer numbers at my disposal, but considering we lost one of our fulltime participants this year the hours contributed were almost equal to the previous year, so well Done GIARS!